Harold Skovronsky

HAROLD SKOVRONSKY is a noted practitioner in the field of disability benefits and pensions, having represented thousands of injured, disabled, and retired employees over a span of 35 years. His expertise includes Social Security Disability, SSI, retirement benefits, union pensions, long-term disability insurance, New York City Employees Retirement System, and personal injury. He has successfully taken cases to the highest state and federal courts in New York, achieving major victories in the areas of pension and disability law.

Mr. Skovronsky proudly says: “My clients are typically sick or injured persons, unable to work, sometimes unable to feed their children. As the father of a large family, I understand the pain and fear of a disabled breadwinner. I won't let these people down. They won't have to fight the government or the insurance companies alone. I will work as long and as hard as necessary to secure the benefits and the compensation to which these individuals are entitled.”

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